Tree Limin’!

Yet another amazing video shot by our guests. If you have pictures or a video taken here at TLE and want to share, be sure to post them on our Facebook (and like us too), or send them to Keep ’em coming, we love it!

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Critter of the Week: Green Iguana


One of our resident Iguanas here at TLE

Meet the Green Iguana! If you have ever been to St. Thomas (or many of the other islands) then you have almost certainly encountered these large reptiles. They seem to be everywhere!

They aren’t small either. They can grow in excess of 4 feet in length. Quite large ones can be found all over our islands. Although large and fierce looking, they are very calm and peaceful creatures. They are actually vegetarian, mainly grazing on leaves and flowers. When cornered however, they will use their tail as a whip, and can leave painful marks. They are often found in the trees here in the Virgin Islands, and will sometimes drop  to the ground, giving some people a fright!

Iguanas have been found in the Virgin Islands since the beginning of recorded history, but are actually not native to the islands. They were brought here by Amerindians in the past for use as food. While they are still eaten in some parts of the world, they are no longer eaten here. Today, the Iguana is sometimes seen as a pest, but most often it is just another creature we share our islands with.

Want to see some of our Iguanas? We have plenty of them here at Tree Limin’ Extreme. You can say hi as you zip over them through our jungle canopy. But make sure you call for reservations at 340-777-9477.

Stay extreme!

-The TLE Herpetology Department

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Meet the Pinzgauers

We get a lot of questions here at TLE concerning transportation. Our tour begins just below the summit of one of the tallest mountains on the island. But our office, where you begin, is hundreds of feet below. How do you, the guests, get to that first zip?

Meet the Pinzgauer:


One of our Pinzgauers

Officially known as the Pinzgauer High-Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle (it is easier just to call it a Pinzgauer). This truck can go almost anywhere. It has 6 wheel drive, a capacity of 2.5 tons, and a top speed of 62 miles per hour. These things are awesome.

Designed in Austria and manufactured in The United Kingdom since 1971, they are primarily military transport vehicles widely used in European armies. It is comparable to the U.S. Army Humvee, and although not as fast, it has a greater carrying capacity. It is still in use today by several nations including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Austria, and several South American Nations.

Tree Limin’ Extreme has two Pinzgauers, formerly used by the Swiss Army. Our trucks were built in the 1970’s and have been refurbished since. Our pair came with storage racks in the rear, and were retrofitted with seats and seat belts.  You will be glad for the addition of seat belts when you catch a glimpse of our hills! So come on out to take a ride in our Pinzgauers, and our zipline. There is no vehicle better suited to our course.

To take a ride in a Pinzgauer, and on a zipline give us a call for reservations at 340-777-9477.

Buckle up and hold on!

-The TLE Off Road Crew


The passenger area of our Pinzgauer

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Island of the Week: Hans Lollik


View from the TLE Course. From closest to the camera: Magens Bay, Hans Lollik, the Tobago Cays, and Jost Van Dyke.

Did you know that there are over 71 different islands and cays in the U.S. Virgin Islands alone? Each week (along with our other “of the week” posts) we will be featuring one of the many islands that surround us here. Virtually all of these islands have an interesting story to tell.

This week we will look at Hans Lollik island. Greater or Big Hans Lollik, as it is also known, is located 8,000 feet off the North Shore of St. Thomas. It is one of the most recognizable features of the North side view, as it is one of the largest islands visible. It is a privately owned island, and currently for sale. Despite being privately owned, locals often report visiting and even camping on the uninhabited island.

In the past the island was a colonial plantation, growing sugar and cotton. It continued to be used for a variety of enterprises, including logging, fishing, and cattle grazing. Since the 1950’s though, it has remained mostly abandoned. The island hosts some ruins left from the previous habitation, and a shipwreck in its idyllic coconut bay. There is a wide variety of wildlife on the island. From introduced species like goats, rats, and donkeys, to native species like a variety of seabirds and sea turtles.

Remember that the island is privately held, and one should always seek permission before venturing onto private property.

For sweeping views of Hans Lollik, and many other islands, come visit us here at Tree Limin’ Extreme. Call for reservations at 340-777-9477.

Stay Extreme!

-The TLE Island Hoppers

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Virgin Islands National Park


Trunk Bay

While most people that visit the Virgin Islands rarely make it off St. Thomas, there are many amazing things to do on the other islands of the territory.

A favorite of the TLE crew (and many others) is St. John, and it’s Virgin Islands National Park. With it’s miles of hiking trails, historic ruins, and world class beaches, the park is a do not miss activity for visitors and locals alike.

The park takes up almost 60% of the land of St. John, with the land donated to the Park Service by Lawrence Rockefeller in 1956 (becoming the 29th national park). The most popular activities by far are visiting the beautiful beaches, and snorkeling. In fact, famous Trunk Bay has a unique underwater snorkeling trail with plaques describing the underwater features. However, do not think that the beaches are all this park has to offer. There are over 20 miles of hiking trail within the park. The trails wind up and down the mountains, through dry and rain forest, and past the impressive ruins of historic sugar plantations. A highlight is the petroglyphs. They are ancient rock carvings left by the Taino people before european colonization.

A visit to Virgin islands national park is a great experience, and the TLE crew highly recommends it. It is an excellent way to get a feel for the Virgin Islands of the past, as well as supporting our national parks.

If you are feeling even more adventurous after your hike, and want to cool off by flying through the rain forrest, take a ferry over and see us here at Tree Limin’ Extreme. Our zipline adventure will not disappoint.

For information on Virgin Islands National Park, including fees, and regulations, visit the National Park Service page at:

To book a zipline adventure with Tree Limin’ Extreme call for reservations at 340-777-9477.

Stay extreme, and keep adventuring!

-The TLE Crew

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London 2012

As a territory, the US Virgin Islands are eligible for an olympic team, completely separate from Team USA. And did you know that we have 7 athletes competing in 3 different sports right now in London?

The US Virgin Islands had had an olympic committee for over 45 years, and competes in both the summer and winter games. Although the delegations are small, and the budgets not as large as most other countries, team USVI has a medal. Peter Holmberg won the silver medal in the sport of yachting during the 1988 summer games in Seoul, South Korea.

Give Team USVI your support this year! The crew here at TLE wishes luck to Team USVI, Team USA, and all the other amazing athletes participating in this years games. Look for Team USVI in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 winter games.

For more information on the USVI Olympic program, and to see athlete profiles, visit their site at:

For your own adventure, give us here at TLE a ring at 340-777-9477 to make your reservation.


-The TLE Crew

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Plant of the Week: Genips

A branch of genips

This is the first of a weekly series of posts that will help everyone to learn a little more about our islands. Every week we will highlight an interesting plant, animal, and local island. Check back for updates every week!

For this week we are featuring the Genip. Also known as a quenepa, spanish lime, or mamoncillo. It grows throughout the tropics around the world.

The fruit grow on large trees and can be found, most commonly, along roadsides throughout the Virgin Islands. The fruit are small, slightly smaller than a golf ball, and are bright green when ripe. The season for genips is short, only a couple months in late summer. They are eaten raw by removing the outer skin, and putting the rest into your mouth and scraping the flesh of the fruit off of the large pit with your teeth. They taste like a sweeter, but still tangy lime.

You can find genips being sold by the branch all over the roadsides and in fruit stands during the season. They are best enjoyed with friends on a hot summer evening, and preferably on a beach.

If you come to visit our zipline here during genip season, we may have some around to sample, along with a variety of other native fruits. Here at Tree Limin’ Extreme, we want our guests to have the ultimate Caribbean experience, and our guides have extensive knowledge of the local plants, including genips. They are “da island ting!”

Remember to call for reservations at 340-777-9477

Stay extreme!

-The TLE crew

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Tree Limin Extreme

Awesome video shot here at Tree Limin’ Extreme by some of our guests. Very cool!

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We have a twitter! You can tweet us, and see our dispatches from the course (and around the islands) on twitter @TreeLiminXtreme. We will be posting pictures of tours, and news from the course.

While we are at it check out our Facebook page too. Go to:

Stay Extreme!


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Whats in a Name?

We get a lot of questions about our name. Admittedly if you haven’t spent much time in the caribbean, you have probably never heard of “Limin'” before. Lets change that.

It is a caribbean word popular throughout the West Indies, as many of the islands are a melting pot of cultures from around the world.

It is unique to the caribbean culture. The best definition seems to be “hanging out.” “We be limin'” is heard often around the islands. But it isn’t just about hanging out. Limin’ is an experience. It is sharing stories, food, music, and dance. Limin’ is an important part of the culture.

The name Tree Limin’ Extreme describes us perfectly. You ascend our platforms and find yourself in the canopy of the jungle, in the trees. The limin’ starts as soon as you arrive, and continues throughout the tour. Our guides come from all over the world. They have incredible stories, they sing regge, and know all of the coolest spots on the island. You will find yourself on top of our platforms, soaking in the amazing view. You will get to meet and talk to the other guests, and hear their stories. This is the true definition of limin’. The extreme, well thats self explanatory. As you fly through the jungle you will know what extreme is. The tour gives you the ultimate caribbean experience. A perfect mixture of limin’ and extremeing.

So come on out and experience all three parts of our name.

For reservations or questions call 340-777-9477 or check out our website at

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