Critter of the Week: Green Iguana


One of our resident Iguanas here at TLE

Meet the Green Iguana! If you have ever been to St. Thomas (or many of the other islands) then you have almost certainly encountered these large reptiles. They seem to be everywhere!

They aren’t small either. They can grow in excess of 4 feet in length. Quite large ones can be found all over our islands. Although large and fierce looking, they are very calm and peaceful creatures. They are actually vegetarian, mainly grazing on leaves and flowers. When cornered however, they will use their tail as a whip, and can leave painful marks. They are often found in the trees here in the Virgin Islands, and will sometimes drop  to the ground, giving some people a fright!

Iguanas have been found in the Virgin Islands since the beginning of recorded history, but are actually not native to the islands. They were brought here by Amerindians in the past for use as food. While they are still eaten in some parts of the world, they are no longer eaten here. Today, the Iguana is sometimes seen as a pest, but most often it is just another creature we share our islands with.

Want to see some of our Iguanas? We have plenty of them here at Tree Limin’ Extreme. You can say hi as you zip over them through our jungle canopy. But make sure you call for reservations at 340-777-9477.

Stay extreme!

-The TLE Herpetology Department

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