Whats in a Name?

We get a lot of questions about our name. Admittedly if you haven’t spent much time in the caribbean, you have probably never heard of “Limin'” before. Lets change that.

It is a caribbean word popular throughout the West Indies, as many of the islands are a melting pot of cultures from around the world.

It is unique to the caribbean culture. The best definition seems to be “hanging out.” “We be limin'” is heard often around the islands. But it isn’t just about hanging out. Limin’ is an experience. It is sharing stories, food, music, and dance. Limin’ is an important part of the culture.

The name Tree Limin’ Extreme describes us perfectly. You ascend our platforms and find yourself in the canopy of the jungle, in the trees. The limin’ starts as soon as you arrive, and continues throughout the tour. Our guides come from all over the world. They have incredible stories, they sing regge, and know all of the coolest spots on the island. You will find yourself on top of our platforms, soaking in the amazing view. You will get to meet and talk to the other guests, and hear their stories. This is the true definition of limin’. The extreme, well thats self explanatory. As you fly through the jungle you will know what extreme is. The tour gives you the ultimate caribbean experience. A perfect mixture of limin’ and extremeing.

So come on out and experience all three parts of our name.

For reservations or questions call 340-777-9477 or check out our website at http://www.ziplinestthomas.com

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