Rock Climbing, Island Style

Rock climbing, in the virgin islands?

Believe it or not, indeed the Virgin Islands has rock climbing. And what is even more unbelievable is that it is actually pretty good.

A short trip form the TLE base camp in St. Thomas, finds you in the British Island of Virgin Gorda. Here is Baths National Park home of “The Baths.” The Baths are a beach area about about a mile from Spanish Town, the main town on the island. The beach here is strewn with many boulders of all sizes, including some up to 40 feet in diameter. These rocks create an otherworldly scene of giant boulders, grottoes, pools, tunnels, and caves.

Some of the rocks here offer some good bouldering. Bouldering is the rock climbing discipline of climbing done without ropes but close to the ground, so that a fall will less likely result in injury. Bouldering can be done by almost anyone as long practitioners remain close to the ground, and watch their landings.

The Baths offer very unique climbing. There are flat granite slabs, cracks, jugs, and holes to climb. But watch out for that tropical heat and sun. The sand and water on your climbing shoes may also present a problem. But where else can you climb the day away in tropical paradise, and go snorkeling in between climbs?

If you want more information on The Baths check out the link here:

Don’t forget about the US islands as well! The US Virgin Islands have climbing too. Check back here for future island climbing posts, and trip reports from climbing expeditions all over the caribbean by our climbing team.

If you go to the Baths and still need some extreme in your life, or climbing just isn’t your style, check out our zipline! You can learn more at

-The TLE Crew

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